Ashley Anne

I'm Ashley. I live in Plattsburgh, NY which is a small city an hour south of the Canadian border otherwise known as "The North Country".
I'm graduating college in May (hurray) with a poli sci degree with a minor in legal studies.
I overthink everything, and my ultimate goal is happiness.
& you're looking at my emotional, personal, destressing outlet.

Lang Leav (Signposts, Lullabies)

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Then there is the boy you can never stop thinking about. Whenever you see his name, it trips you up. Even if it’s one that belongs to many others, even if he belongs to someone else.

You know he is a symbol of your weakness, your Kryptonite. How he rushes in like wildfire and burns through everything you worked so hard to build since he last left you in ashes.

 Jillian Medoff (Hunger Point)

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My only relief is to sleep. When I’m sleeping, I’m not sad, I’m not angry, I’m not lonely, I’m nothing.

The marks humans leave are too often scars.

Richa Gill (@RiichaG_)

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A look in your eyes
And I know that I’m yours
Your fingers around mine,
I know you’ll never go
Kiss me hard and hold me close
Make me forget all my pains
And not cause you anymore
Anonymous asked: Do you want children?


When I meet the right person and when I can provide stability. 

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Traditions aren’t for keeping, they’re for keeping us together.
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